12 March 2009

++ Yurik News Network underway ++

Hello once again, dear readers.

My work towards a more consistent news network in the subsectors around Sump's Drift has been moving forward nicely, but more work lies ahead. I have contacted representatives from Marshal Turterra's Precinct in Sump's Drift, as well as members of the 7th Ash Waste Rifles, the Orlock Iron-Forge Union, and Nex Manus Imperator in order to obtain first-hand tips, reports, and other items regarding the happenings below the "hive proper." Expect testimonials from these sources to appear on this channel in the future.

In related news, Gus "Ol' Prospector" Chiggins has been retained as an editorial columnist (mainly at Mr. Chiggins's insistence) and will post items of interest "as often as a fella' damn well pleases."

More to come.

-Yurik out.

02 March 2009


++ Sector N-UH-855, "Sump's Drift," Precinct 08, Marshall H. Turterra cmdg. ++

- Necromundan Plague update: all infected persons within the jurisdiction of Enforcer Precinct 08 have received treatment where possible. Deceased/reanimated victims have been terminated and their bodies removed from the area. Citizens are advised to remain alert for any further symptoms but may rest assured that any immediate threat has been dealt with.

- Reinforcements to Precinct 08 have been dispatched from Sector N Enforcer headquarters and are expected to arrive within the next month-cycle. Increased manpower will allow for Precinct 08 to extend its jurisdiction into Subsector 19. Guild caravans with private security have already established trade routes and have been maintaining peace within larger settlements in Subsector 19.

- Enforcer officer on patrol in 400 block of industrial zone reported a large collection of empty liquor bottles piled in a heap no less than 2.5 meters in height by 3.5 meters wide. This collection appeared over the course of one (1) day-cycle and residents of nearby worker's habs noticed no strange happenings. A Munitorum sanitation crew was dispatched and removed in excess of 1,500 containers. No further information has been revealed about the origin of the containers.

- Special Entry team dispatched to 200 block of hab-units in response to reports of sustained high-caliber weapons fire. Upon arrival, teams located the source of the weapons fire, and breached the door of hab unit 240. Officers determined the sound of gunfire was in fact part of a vid-link being played at extremely high volume. The tenant of the hab-unit was found unconscious in the sleeping area of the unit, and awoke only after 10 minutes of repeated attempts to rouse him. The citizen was inebriated to the point of immobility, and was taken into protective custody.

- Citizens are advised that the House Delaque gang known as "KFC's Voodoo Posse" AKA "King's Voodoo Posse" has been reported as disbanded following an exceptionally violent battle. Furthermore, the House Van Saar gang known as "7th Ash Waste Rifles" has been hired by local Guilders to serve as Watchmen in Subsector 19, after defending Guild interests from "KFC's Voodoo Posse."

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