12 March 2009

++ Yurik News Network underway ++

Hello once again, dear readers.

My work towards a more consistent news network in the subsectors around Sump's Drift has been moving forward nicely, but more work lies ahead. I have contacted representatives from Marshal Turterra's Precinct in Sump's Drift, as well as members of the 7th Ash Waste Rifles, the Orlock Iron-Forge Union, and Nex Manus Imperator in order to obtain first-hand tips, reports, and other items regarding the happenings below the "hive proper." Expect testimonials from these sources to appear on this channel in the future.

In related news, Gus "Ol' Prospector" Chiggins has been retained as an editorial columnist (mainly at Mr. Chiggins's insistence) and will post items of interest "as often as a fella' damn well pleases."

More to come.

-Yurik out.

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