31 January 2010

A lesson in safety

Today was a milestone for my hobby.  Today I received my very first craft knife-inflicted wound, just to the front of my thumbnail on the left hand.  After a bit of profuse bleeding, I managed to seal it up with some CA glue. While I'll be fine, this will keep me from finishing as much hobby work as I wanted to.  That said, I got two more mercs built before this incident, and they are working out just fine.

 I also rolled up a new gang, a counts-as Orlock crew that will serve as a Guilder and his entourage.  The new Renough Syndicate is my first "joke" gang, with all of the names and territories drawn from my own bizarre sense of humor and many featuring locations and people from Reno's history.  This is also going to be my first total kitbash, with no House-specific look in mind.  This gang is a long way off, as I will not be doing any work on these until the mercs and hired guns are completely done.  Seriously.  That said, I am glad to have a template in mind and keep my thoughts focused when I get to the new gang.

I've also put in a goodly amount of painting on the dice tower.  Basecoats have been completed on the majority of the walls and platforms, and the piping, metals, and ladders, etc. throughout.  It's been good to get some painting in on terrain especially after the busy times around the end of 2009.  I want to get a few pictures taken of the work I've been doing, so look for that soonish.

I'll also be putting up a a quick couple of reports from our last meetup in the next week, we had a good couple of games with some surprising results, including a couple casualties and some epic moments.  Thanks for your time and I'll bring more Necromunda and hobby news soon.


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