02 February 2010

Soldier on!

Despite - In spite of my injury I got a bit of work in tonight, concentrating on Finn's new OiaM shotgun (a modified SM Scout shotgun) with a potential drum magazine to represent the generous ammo roll situation.

Also, despite my earlier claims of no new gangs, I had to complete my injury-causing project - Malokai's machete, which looks great and has already tasted blood!!  Not to worry - aside from minimal twinges of pain and having to apply a bit more CA glue, no real cause for concern!

Also I watched my new DVD of Zombieland and it was really a great way to spend my evening.

Summary: I am an utter and complete fool as I will readily ignore damage to my person for the sake of assembling unreasonably violent plastic miniature men.

Cheers, you lot!

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear your making progress even with serious injuries!


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