09 January 2009


Attention any and all able-bodied gunmen or gangers!

Bounty offered for elimination of Plague Zombies!

Your services are desperately required in the settlement of Dark Bluff. Dozens of victims of the Necromundan Plague have infested the streets of the settlement and supplies are running out.

Central Street has been lost to the carriers, but barricades have been built along the road, containing the threat to that area.

Despite repeated pleas to the Enforcer Precinct at Sump's Drift, no aid has been rendered and the settlement is in grave danger. Ammunition stores have completely run out and food supplies have dwindled to dangerously low levels.

Simply put, we are starving, beseiged by zombies, and unable to defend ourselves.

A Guild Journeyman has been stranded in the town after arriving in the midst of the infestation and losing his caravan, and is prepared to pay a bounty on all zombies killed. Two Guild Credits will be paid for each dead zombie, with a bonus of 50 Guilder Credits to be paid to any gang that can kill 13 or more of the foul creatures.

Please furnish a Kill-team of no more than Five Individuals, well-armed and supplied, to the former trading post at the western edge of town. This is a secure location and has been well-fortified against the undead, with most survivors holed up inside. Here payment will be rendered.

Please hurry. Dark Bluff's citizens are in danger.

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