10 January 2009

++ S19 - Dark Bluff ++

"Scoop" Yurik, Freelance News-agent

Following the brutal, 3-way clash at The Breach, it had been a long while since this reporter had seen a member of any gang, save the OI-FU. Various scavengers and traders we encountered had rumors of their exploits; the NMI had been seeking a zombie dressed in the crimson of their order, the Rifles were spotted hunting rats on the outskirts of Parlay Crossing, and the Voodoo Posse had hired themselves to a small trade caravan as security. Despite all these sightings, it seemed as though our party had lost the trail of these three crews, until the notice came from Dark Bluff.

As this reporter sat down to a breakfast of campfire roasted algae-paste and broiled rat-haunch, an emergency signal came through the Dispatch Services to my data-slate. The message was desperate: the young town of Dark Bluff was overrun by the undead, help was needed, and a Guilder could pay for rescue.

It would not be an easy task, but the promise of Guilder credits would be a fine prize for any gang with zombie-hunting experience. This reporter quickly mobilized the party, and we set out for Dark Bluff immediately, with Seamus remarking that even if the gangs in question didn't show, there were still creds to be made helping the folks in town.

More to come, dear readers!

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