28 April 2009

OOC - Status

Well, it has admittedly been quite a while since our campaign and blog have seen any attention. Thanks mostly to real-life commitments and busy schedules on the part of all of our campaign members (of which there are, after all, only 3) as well as conflicts in the distribution of spare time throughout, we've not had a game in two and a half months.

Unfortunately this trend is likely to continue for another few weeks, as I deal with work and the other campaign members focus on college finals and massive projects at work.

Fortunately, I have been able to eke out a bit of work on modeling, painting, and building of models and terrain pieces, and I plan on uploading some photos of this stuff over the next few days, if not tonight.

Future plans for the campaign include:
  • Enforcer squad from our member who ran the Voodoo Posse
  • Armed Response/Security Team conversion project
  • Newly-reworked Orlock Iron-Forge Union gang
  • Lots of terrain painted up and included in bat-rep pics
  • More bat-reps, new threats to Subsector 19, and hired gun NPC system
Sorry for any disappointment or frustration resulting from the languishing blog, but believe me when I say I am beyond ready to see something new in this space.

Thanks to any and all persistent readers, and updates to the blog will resume fairly soon.

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