19 June 2009

OOC - A Change of Pace

Hello again any steadfast readers...

After another several months of no updates, I wanted to announce some recent developments.

First off, the current narrative of Sump's Drift has been delayed to the point of fragmentation and after consulting with the other gamers in the campaign, we've decided to reset the scores and start again. We'll keep the setting and main plot, but this time around we're more sure of the direction we want the campaign to go and we all feel that it will be easier going this time around.

Second, this blog is going to change along with the campaign. Past blog entries have dealt almost exclusively with In-Character accounts and had little to say during downtime, which I have to admit is where most of the work and development took place. I'm looking at this "reset" as a chance to redirect the blog to accommodate the work that goes on behind the scenes, including looking at modeling, sculpting, terrain builds, thoughts on gaming, and ideas for Necromunda in general. I want to keep this blog going but it was a lot of work to maintain the character of the storyline without getting burnt out. This way I can throw in battle reports as they come, but in the meantime I will be posting WIP shots, completed pieces and models, and ideas for characters that come up between games.

Third, our group is FINALLY free to have a game this weekend, so we'll get at least a few pics of our meetup into the blog. Hopefully the few of you who still pop in to see what is(n't) happening will get a bit of a surprise.

So to sum it all up, the blog will be changing but I think the new direction will untimately be for the better. I'm not expecting a massive following or anything, but it'll be nice to take a broader look at this hobby and all it encompasses.


The Sump's Drift Campaign


  1. Anonymous23/6/09 16:36

    Good idea to redirect some your energies into the behind the scenes details to keep from getting burned out, and/or losing an audience. I for one drop by having been caught up by the story and background.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, it's nice to know that someone is keeping up with us! Admittedly it can be a really big challenge to do nothing but in-character narrative, and while the results can be rewarding, it will be much less intimidating to keep up.

    Again, thanks for the feedback and I hope that the blog will still be of interest to you and any other readers.


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