25 October 2009

Another Unintended "Hiatus"

It's been a while since anything of substance was shown on this blog with regards to painting, modelling, etc. and while I don't have any good pics at hand, I wanted to say that progress has been made with a couple of projects.

I've spent a bit of time with my Merc crew and the first couple of minis are looking like they'll work pretty nicely.  I'm not entirely sure how I plan to arm all of them or how much individuality I will imbue the squad with, but I've got a couple of ideas about I want to explore.  Most importantly I've been really encouraged by the success of the first two builds, and I'll give a quick parts breakdown to give you all an idea of what I've been working towards.

Heads: Cadian helmeted heads with most detail shaved down (may change).
Bodies: Cadian torsos with Aquilas shaved down.
Arms: Cadian arms with lasgun removed.
Legs: SM Scouts (LOVE the tactical gear).
Weapons: SM Scout shotguns with bracing hand intact.
Other Weapons: Sniper (Vindicare Assassin's Exitus Rifle), Melee Riot (Baton and Shield), SMG (modified lasgun-to-auto-carbine conversion),  Bolters (SM Scout boltguns).

I've put in some work on the Chimera, replacing its turret multi-laser with a heavy bolter, and looking at sorting out a Sentinel for use in the Merc crew (using old, chaotic 2nd ed rules!!!).  I also want to remove the gimbal-mount lasguns on the Chimera, there's no plans for lasguns in the Mercs, so I'd sooner just have open firing ports.

I've also started in on a Guilder and his crew, starting with either a top-level mook or the Guilder himself, a kitbash of Empire Militia, Cadian, and SM Scout bits.  I've long waited an opportunity to start a more eccentric and perhaps anachronistic gang or crew, and this should be just the opportunity I've been looking for.  I plan on creating ornate las-locks for the enforcer-mook types, and all sorts of cool melee-bruisers and other scumbags-for-hire to add to this motley band.  It's gonna be fun.

Cheers to all of you, I'll be back soonish with some more updates.

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  1. Was not there some pics of Steph and Jeffs skirmish? Also, I think I know why we rolled for cockroaches...next time Roland will keep his young gangers at home because I think they released them. Very good gaming though. Thanks again


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