01 October 2009

Oh boy...

It's been an okay week so far.  The weather broke from the obscene 90+ F in late September, and has progressed to a much more seasonal mid-50s to mid-70s.  Holy crap, it is about DAMN TIME!  At any rate, this has been a far better week so far.

I've gotten some painting time in and I've started a proof-of-concept model for the Enforcer/Merc crew that I've had in the wings for a long time.  I also built out a Guilder/Rogue Trader who will serve in some future games (Escort missions, Assassinations, etc.), and plan on doing up a couple bodyguards and some flunkies to go along with him.  I've got three old metal Basilisk crew members I plan to strip and convert to this end.

I also found and bought a couch - no more uncomfortable chairs for me, and our cat LOVES the big comfy cushions and claims one at nearly all times, rendering 50% of the couch his distinct territory.

I also picked up Left 4 Dead on PC; perhaps not the wisest move in terms of focusing my hobby efforts but will allow me to interact with friends I don't normally get to talk with on a regular basis.  Plus the game was 50% off during a sale on Steam, so that helped too.  Anyway, Steph's coming over tomorrow after work, we'll get a game of Necromunda in, then I'm going to see Zombieland.  Saturday will be the Reno Celtic Festival, and Sunday is the big Necromunda Meetup for October.  Big doings and hopefully tons of fun this weekend.  I need it.


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  1. Hooray for progress and Fall weather!


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