10 September 2009

Limited Labor Day WIPs

I've gotten enough of a handle on the techy bollocks of late to get som epics posted.  These have gone up at Eastern Fringe already, but I hope you enjoy them all the same.

First is the mysterious Bounty Hunter known only as Mister Todd.
His backpack is MIA but I know I will find it very soon and have him finished within a week, I hope.  This is one of my absolute favorite minatures from the Necromunda line, a bit goofy but very characterful and oozing detail.  I tried for a German style camo on the trousers which I am happy with and seems to work pretty well so far.  Inspiration for his name may become apparent if one is familiar with recent adaptions of Sondheim.

Next is a former member of the Necromundan PDF, assigned to extended duty at the edge of the Ash Wastes.  This is one SSGT Leon.
Leon is originally a 3rd Edition Stormtrooper.  These guys were great with their heavy armour and just sort of nonchalant body language.  It was sad to see so little attention given to them, as they only seemed to have a handful of poses across the whole line.  Admittedly this is an improvement on the plastic Stormtroopers that preceded them, but still a bit of a downer.  At any rate I painted him up to look like he's got a heavy duty bodysuit to protect against corrosive ash storms, over which is his tactical protective gear.  Assorted equipment is done up in a tactical gray.  Expect a bit of chipping and weathering on his gear, still to come.

Okay, that's all for now, but I did some work on loot tokens and some of the old 3rd edition plastic building ruins terrain, so I'll edit up and post some pics of that once I get Photoshop transferred to this new computer.

Cheers, all!


  1. Really like the Trooper....good to see the old Bounty Hunter too...I have got him on my TO DO list as well...wish I had more time to paint...

  2. Painting is just one of those stupid, stupid things. Everytime you think you're ready to paint...something else happens.
    Hey Mark, any idea when we are playing again? Darien and I have yet to do our one-off game...so ya, just curious if you thought more about it.


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