09 September 2009

Technical Difficulties are Overcome

Hey again.

My old reliable black PC tower is ailing quite a whole lot and in light of what I assume to be rapid-onset cooling problems, has developed a nasty buzzing from the inner workings that no amount of cleaning or basic maintenance has been able to sort out.

So I did a bit of work and research, and found myself a new laptop format.  This marks the first blog post from that new platform, and also an apology that the timing of this snafu meant a distinct lack of photos from this weekend.  I did take some pics though, and they will be cleaned up and posted soon.

Meantime I am excited about the computer.  I've been sort of a neo-Luddite about laptops, and I finally broke down.  Hopefully it will be worth it, but when Windows 7 drops that will be a huge help.

So here it is, thanks for your patience and I'll pay up eventually.

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