02 September 2009

Stalled out, OH NOEZ.

Well, a bit of news, some good some bad.  Firstly the bad:  the next meet will be a bit later than expected.  Our "every other Sunday" schedule dropped this meetup on Labor Day weekend and as many of our members already have plans, we had to reschedule.  The next weekend is no good and so the campaign will continue on the 20th.

EDIT: ARGH, there is yet another speedbump as the 20th is committed on my part and Jeff's.  I have no clue when the campaign will continue.  This is getting frustrating.

Good news is I can probably get a lot of stuff done in the meantime!  I've still got a lot of WIP terrain that needs finishing.  I've got a garage (and work/games tables) available to me now and can do spraying, sealing, etc. without being at the mercies of the weather.  It will also allow me to spend some time with the hired guns and mercs I've been waiting to finish, getting a bit of variety available for the new campaign.
    •  Gate/watchtower (1)
    • Ruins (2)
    • Tank cluster (1)
    • Big Green Tower (1)
    • Catwalks (3)
    • Bounty Hunter (1)
    • Ratskin Scout (1)
    • PDF Deserter (1)
    • Sniper Merc (1)
    • NMI bases (12)
    • Frank the Lictor (1)
    I've had some problems with managing my focus and time spent on projects before, so I'm going to try to keep my discipline up a bit more and provide steady WIP reports and photos.  Here's hoping I can hold myself to it.

    Cheers all, and I will look to post up some pics as early as Thursday night!


    1. enjoy the long weekend!
      Then, back to work!
      Lets see some of those minis...especially the Ratskin and terrain

    2. Hey yea, I'll make sure to take more pics...hopefully I can capture another hopeless soul...Mark you need to put a pic up of your Dice Tower, cuz that is slick...


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