15 August 2008

++ Chiggins to Explore Downhive ++

++ For Immediate Release ++

"Scoop" Yurik, Staff Writer
In the wake of recent events in Sump's Drift, many Underhivers have been left feeling quite uneasy, including a rather familiar character by the name of "Old Prospector" Gus Chiggins. The grizzled old drunk was observed following this reporter on the journey to Subsector 19, and only after being supplied a rather copious amount of liquor did he offer any reason for his sudden departure from his longtime haunt, the Last Stop Inn.

"Them dere Red Ridin' 'oods and dem Seb'n Wasted Rifles showed up at th'Las'Stop a couple days 'go, and let me tell you there, news-man, they raised some 'ell." Chiggins reported amidst a flow of ramblings and stories about "cinnamon an' gravy," telling a tale of violence, retribution, and much broken furniture.

"Seein' them stupid young'ns tearin' up that bar was 'bout all a man kin bear,"said Gus, sliding a battered shotgun from his substantial collection of jangling
accoutrements. "I din't see no choice but ta show dem boys a fella means business when it come ta his booze."

Chiggins went on to verify previously sketchy witness reports stating that the cantankerous old man attempted a defense of the bar. His first shot managed to clip one "Tex," a juve from the 7th AWR gang, rendering the youth unconscious and tumbling across the bar floor where he remained for the duration of the battle.

Unfortunately for the Last Stop Inn's stalwart defender, whilst attempting to reload his old shotgun, Chiggins suffered a minor setback.

"Well, I was standin' up on the bar after one'a dem bastards put some buckshot inta me shoulder and knocked me about a meter back trew th'air. I broke the breech open and load a'coupla shells up in it, slam it shut and I'll be a sump-rat's next-door neighbor if'n BOTH'a them dam-ned shells didn't go off."

Chiggins said that although he was rendered unconscious by his wounds, he was astonished to wake up and find his right leg and foot still largely undamaged. This reporter suspects Chiggins's home-made ammunition to be the only reason that the "Old Prospector" is still drawing breath, but Gus swears upon the God-Emperor's Holy Throne that he was blessed with a miracle that day, and has made it his mission to pursue the area's feuding gangs into Subsector 19 and administer the "workin' man's justice unto them stupid, air-ra-gint boys."

Out of concern for Mr. Chiggins's well-being (and quite honestly the safety of our party), the OI-FU have taken on the old character as a fellow traveler as we wind our way down to The Collapse. As always, this reporter will bring you up-to-the-minute developments in this story as they take place.

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