20 August 2008


Sector N-UH-855 Enforcer Precinct 08, Marshal Turterra cmdg.

Threat Level: High
Threat Direction: Sectors N-UH-850 through N-UH-857 [inclusive; all associated Subsectors].
Threat Summary: Individuals suffering symptoms of "zombie plague" spotted in Sectors N-UH-853, N-UH-853-S12 following disturbance of Necromundan rat nests.

All citizens of Necromunda are hereby advised that confirmed sightings of Necromundan Plague carriers, more commonly known as "plague zombies," have been reported in Sector N-UH-853 near the ruins of that sector's algae-processing plant and storage facility.

Additionally, Necromundan rats are still prevalent through the area, and in light of these reports, are most likely vectors for the Necromundan Plague.

Citizens are reminded that any persons suffering bites or wounds from either Necromundan rats or from plague victims are to report or be brought immediately to Enforcer Precinct 08, any Enforcer officer or magistrate, or any Guild representative for quarantine procedures.

If plague victims are spotted, inform an Enforcer officer or magistrate, or Guild representative immediately.

Any potential exposure to plague victims is to be minimized. Secure all hab-units or other shelters, ensuring all doors, hatches, windows, or other openings are closed and locked, or barricaded if necessary. Stay indoors unless absolutely necessary for survival, and be sure that provisions have been laid for several days within your shelter. Avoid contact with plague victims when at all possible, and avoid attracting the attention of plague victims (bright lights, open flames, unnecessary/excessive gunfire, loud noises, etc.).

Any citizens who own weapons are advised to ensure that these are in working order and that plenty of compatible ammunition is at hand in the event that contact with a plague victim cannot be avoided. If leaving your shelter is unavoidable, ensure that every member of your party is armed if possible, and seek new shelter as quickly as possible.


1 comment:

  1. Gus Chiggins!21/8/08 14:57

    Plague Zombies?

    I'd be more worried about coyotes if I were you!


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