06 August 2008


++ Sector N-UH-855, "Sump's Drift," Precinct 08, Marshal H. Turterra cmdg. ++

- Patrol dispatched to Last Stop Inn in response to reports of violent inebriates. Upon arrival officers dispersed the patrons of the establishment and arrested four individuals who were in the midst of a brawl. All four individuals were incarcerated overnight in a detox cell, fined 10 Credits apiece, and released.

- Six juves apprehended whilst attempting to vandalize Enforcer property. The individuals are believed to be part of a group seeking admission to one or more local gangs, but it is unknown at this time which groups sponsored the vandals. Juves were released with written warning.

- Patrol dispatched to Benso's Second-Hand Pizza in response to reports of indecent exposure. Upon arrival officers were unable to locate reported individual but took statements from 10 (ten) witnesses. Sketch artists have begun compiling a probable image of the alleged offender.

- Gunfire reported near collapse in Subsector 19. Enforcer jurisdiction has been suspended below Sector 855 until further notice from Marshal Turterra.

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