03 August 2008

++ Manpower Crunch means no Enforcers ++

"Scoop" Yurik, staff writer
Enforcer Marshal Hadrian Turterra has issued a warning to any member of the public considering the journey downhive to search for riches:

"All citizens of Sump's Drift must be advised that, following a recent string of surprise raids and ambushes by Scavvy gangs on local settlements and travellers, Enforcer casualties have been severe. The deaths and medical retirements of so many officers means that there are not enough patrols in place to allow an adequate Enforcer presence in the collapse site or immediate vicinities.

Citizens are strongly advised to avoid these areas until such time as an Enforcer patrol can be dedicated full-time to these areas. Should any citizen venture outside Sector 855, they must be prepared to defend themselves and their property, and must realize there is a very real risk of bodily harm or even death."

Despite the very real presence of dangerous persons, this reporter is preparing to venture into what is commonly being called "The Collapse" in the next week-cycle. Reports will be issued directly from Subsector 19, provided a suitable security detail can be found and hired.

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