08 August 2008

++ Commercia Guild Market: One-Stop Shopping ++

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While living in the Underhive can be challenging, recent events have made life in Sump's Drift especially harrowing. Recent Scavvy attacks, the death of Guilder Kurt Gupta and news of the riches beyond The Collapse, and the impending plague of Necromundan rats have all conspired to create a rather dangerous time for all Drifters.

The Merchant Guild of Necromunda at Sump's Drift reminds all citizens of Sump's Drift that the Commercia Guild Market is still the place to meet all of your self-defense needs. We deal in everything from compact stub-guns to full-auto heavy bolters, and just about anything in between. We are always interested in your business as a trader or seller as well as a buyer, and while the Merchant Guild does not endorse illegal salvage operations, we are always happy to appraise and purchase archeotech or other gear that may find its way to any Commercia stall.

So please visit the Commerica Market for reliable and affordable weaponry, equipment, and to trade any rare or unusual items that you may find.
Remember, until Enforcer Marshal Turterra has re-established Enforcer jurisdiction in Subsector 19 or The Collapse, you will only find our services and products in Sump's Drift.

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