12 August 2008

++ NMI Clashes with Unknown Opponents ++

++ For Immediate Release ++

"Scoop" Yurik, staff writer
Once again the Nex Manus Imperator has made bold moves toward fulfilling their self-proclaimed crusade, as they engaged their purple-clad adversaries in combat. This skirmish was ended with another brutally hard-fought defeat for the group, alleged to be the 7th Ash Waste Rifles, a gang composed primarily of remnants of the eponymous Necromunda Planetary Defense Force regiment. These former soldiers, recruited from House Van Saar, have been hell-bent on enacting justice against the hive for the events of more than five planetary cycles ago, when an unusually hellish ash storm claimed the lives of nearly 80 percent of the regiment.

This grim determination has so far served the 7th AWR quite well in their battles in Sump's Drift, and despite their losses to the Cawdor zealots they remain a truly intimidating force.

Many Drifters have expressed their concern over the escalating feud between the two houses. Among their concerns was the very real fear that the already-strained Enforcer patrols could easily be over-powered or eliminated by an ambitious gang, leaving Sump's Drift as easy prey for Scavvies or other undesirables. Marshal Hadrian Turterra of Enforcer Precinct 08 was unavailable for comment, but his previous statements leave little doubt that all efforts are being made to protect the citizens of Sector 855.

In related news, this reporter has managed to find a security detail for a journey into Subsector 19 and The Collapse. The Orlock Iron-Forge Union has offered their services as bodyguards to myself and my pictographist for the duration of our in-depth reports from The Collapse. Rest assured we will do our utmost to provide you, the citizens of Sump's Drift (and indeed all of Necromunda), with the latest details of what may prove to be the greatest saga to emerge from Sector N-UH-855.

May the Emperor protect us. "Scoop" Yurik out.

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