03 August 2008

++ House Cawdor announces "Holy Crusade" ++

*******CONFIRMED REPORT*******
For Immediate Release:

Yurik, staff reporter
According to House Cawdor contacts within Sump's Drift, the following statement was released to the general public:

"In the name of beloved GOD-EMPEROR and his Righteous and All-Encompassing Fury, local acolytes and brothers of the Almighty House Cawdor have been summoned by their True Unyielding Faith to seek out any and all Holy Relics and eliminate all Unclean and Unfaithful that may jeopardize PURITY in Sump's Drift and all territories nearby.

The Crusading Gang of NEX MANUS IMPERATOR has been blessed and ordained to fulfill their Most Holy of Duties and shall not fail in their role as a Tool of the GOD-EMPEROR."

Crusade Patron Father Benedictus released the following decree before his brethren:
"We shall leave no dome untouched in our great task. The mutant shall burn; the wych shall burn; the heretic shall burn. We shall embody the Purgatus in our work. Let no man stand before us with defiance in his soul; he shall be set alight with the purging flame of the God-Emperor's divine wrath."

When pressed for further comment, Benedictus threatened this reporter with "a bit of personal penitence" and ignited the pilot light on a compact flame pistol. From the shelter of a local holestead's refuse bin, this reporter observed no less than eleven red-robed fanatics including the Father engage in a brief yet violently passionate observance of faith, then quickly mobilized, leaving Sump's Drift via the main roadway toward's
Benso's Second-Hand Pizza stand.

Suffice to say, there is no further information at this time, and this reporter advises extreme caution if the Nex Manus Imperator are sighted.

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