21 August 2008


++ Sector N-UH-855, "Sump's Drift," Precinct 08, Marshal H. Turterra cmdg. ++

- Patrol dispatched to 100 block of hab-units in response to reports of an individual believed to have succumbed to Necromundan Plague. Upon arrival, officers in full riot protection gear established a secure perimeter around the hab-block and ordered said individual to surrender. The individual complied and was taken into custody for medical screening. Upon receiving a physical examination it was revealed that the individual was not infected with any disease but instead suffering the effects of exposure to a mildly hallucinogenic fungus. The individual was released and officers returned to the scene with flamers to destroy the fungus.

- Precinct 08 received reports of no less than 4 missing persons, all of whom had previously traveled to Sector N-UH-853 to scavenge amongst the ruins of the algae-processing plant and storage facility in that sector. Descriptions of these missing individuals are being compared to those of the reported plague victims in that sector. Patrols in Sump's Drift have thus far failed to locate these individuals.

- Orlock gang known as "OI-FU" sighted in Sump's Drift in the company of reporter "Scoop" Yurik. Enforcer patrols observed no illicit activity. OI-FU and Yurik have since vanished from Sump's Drift and are believed to have entered Subsector 19.

- Patrol dispatched to Last Stop Inn in response to reports of gang violence. Upon arriving at the establishment, officers were unable to locate offenders, instead finding local citizen Augustus Chiggins (aka "Old Prospector" aka "Gus" Chiggins) unconscious atop the bar with a minor gunshot wound. Officers revived Chiggins and treated his wound, and took a statement from Chiggins which suggested that local gangs Nex Manus Imperator and the 7th Ash Waste Rifles were involved in a combined gunfight/brawl in the area. Patrols have been increased near the Last Stop Inn.

- Enforcer jurisdiction has been suspended below Sector 855 until further notice from Marshal Turterra.

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