24 August 2008

++ S19 - The Unnatural ++

"Scoop" Yurik, Freelance News-agent

The old domes of Subsector 19 have been strangely still for several day-cycles as our expedition has made its way towards The Collapse. The day- and night-cycles have started to blur together as the light systems here are intermittent at best, but by this reporter's reckoning, it has been nearly one week since our last dispatch from below Sump's Drift. The OI-FU has reported hearing odd moans or cries throughout the last several nights and remain wary of unseen dangers. While Necromunda is host to all manner of unpleasant surprises, the OI-FU are concerned that our party may encounter the shambling victims of Necromundan Plague. Since boyhood, their leader Seamus has heard tales of the "Plague Zombie":

"...under'ivers laid low and eventually killed by tha' unnatural
tinneas, that 'orrible sickness, only to rise again as an empty shell of the person they'ad once been. Those abominations roam the darkest depths o' the 'ive, seekin' only to feed 'pon the flesh of the living. Back in the oul' settlements, we called them poor unfortunates mínádúrtha. The unnatural."

Needless to say, this reporter has been just a bit jumpy during the late hours.

Yurik out.

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