03 August 2008

++ Benso: "Guilder shot in Gang Fight" ++


For Immediate Release:

Stehfan R., staff writer
Hiver Benso Felohm reports that while on a routine harvesting expedition for Sump consumables for his bio-recycling restaurant "Benso's Second-Hand Pizza" he encountered a minor skirmish between rival Cawdor and Delaque gangs. Gang markings were unclear and the fighting fierce with at least one ganger reported dead. Benso claims to have seen Kurt Gupta caught in the firefight while trying to loot a fallen Cawdor. Gupta may have taken a round from stray crossfire and fled the scene. Benso soon followed but reported that the gang fight was likely a draw and that the Cawdor Juves were "the bravest, dumbest bastards in the Hive."
This reporter feels that, given Benso's reputation, this information should be considered reliable.

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